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to be extremely drunk to the point, sometimes, of being sick
oh my god, did you see her last night? she was sio'd!
by Peers July 10, 2008
a)When someone gets so drunk they think they'll 100% pull a member of the opposite or same sex.
b)When someone doesn't pull more than 2 people
c) when they look like a horse usually after inbredness
a) duuuude, dolman was horse'd!
b) what a horse ben is!
c) yeah ben still looks like a horse
by Peers July 11, 2008
Slang term used on the wirral penisular.
used to describe people who act stupid especially when having drunk more than 1 can. can often accompany chants of "horse!" to emphasise the stupidness of the person. 100%
Peers "Oh mate, did you see that lad last night?"
Sharkylowe "i know, what a bennyboy! everyone chanted horse afterwards too!"
Peers "100% pull?"
Sharkylowe "Don't be Silly"
by peers August 31, 2008
When someone "sharks" someone, they are intending to go somewhere with them (usually a party) and attempt to pull them.
"Look, ben is sharking that girl again"
by Peers July 10, 2008

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