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3 definitions by PeepChuck

technically from a myspace bulletin chain-letter. taco: some nice thing of yours, could be a gf/bf, or winning a game. basically means you lost something, not an item though.
"That bitch stole my taco!"
"Oh no she did not."
"Hellz no. That be my taco. Nobody steals my taco."
by PeepChuck November 03, 2007
Adjective describing adjectives Fat, Ugly, usually describing sexually active, provocatively dressed girls who are total bitches. AKA Sluts, to anyone who didn't know. Known to be in the movie Mean Girls.
Look at her, what a fugly slut.
by PeepChuck November 01, 2007
The nickname for the Wheeler School in rhode island. All the guys who attend there are GAY and the girls are just WEIRD, hence the name Queer stuck in Wheeler. (Wheeler guys are also known for dating the same girls ten times and have bad asses).
Kid 1: "You know that kid from Wheeler?"
Girl 1: "What?"
Teacher of other school: "He means Queeler."
Girl 1: "Oh, right."

by PeepChuck November 01, 2007