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peepee smelly it no taste good
Grabdna lick peepee than she died.
by Peeboy June 24, 2003
fuck in spanish you dumwad.
Cogida my testicle fell off.
by Peeboy July 21, 2003
smell it to float with the clouds and rainbows.
(After he smels the sharpie)
Dude your sis is hot.
by Peeboy June 24, 2003
When your in a good mood and then something quick happens and than your in a bad mood.
I was makin out with my hot girlfriend.I got to science my teacher gave me an F. It was a Kick to the Groin.
by Peeboy June 27, 2003
You know the wiggles, Marty,Jeff,uh yeah well a wiggle is some one gay like them.
Think elton John.
by Peeboy June 27, 2003
It's my name.
look at who wrote ya jackass.
by Peeboy June 26, 2003
A testicle holder.
W/out it your balls would fall out and go splat!
by Peeboy June 24, 2003

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