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-Also arabs. It was the name given by the portuguese to the muslim jihad warriors that had the possession of now portuguese territories such as Algarve. They also frequently attacked their merchant ships that sailed to India.
-Now used to refer the people that live in south of Portugal. Mostly used by the north people, which are also called tripeiros.
Mouro ship spotted! Ready up the cannons!

Tripeiro:Damn mouros think they are always right and better than us! Our accent is much cooler than theirs.
by Pedrovsk June 11, 2005
Over-used nickname in online games and discussion boards/forums etc.

Mainly used by players who have no imagination or just don't want to waste time being original.

Other over-used nicks can be Ilusi0n, EagleEye, etc.
<Pr0d!gY>Look at my nick! It Pwnz J00rz!
<Dildo_Baggins>Meh, it's cute I guess...
by Pedrovsk July 08, 2005
Acronym that can either stand for: "For the Win" or "For the Wii".
Wii FTW!

I'm in line FTW!
by Pedrovsk December 03, 2006
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