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3 definitions by Pedroew

The immediate regret one experiences after shooting up ketamine.
*Day after chemical binge*
Dude 1 - "Man are you alright after that epic session of horse tranquilizer last night?"
Dude 2 - "Yeah I am just going through some horse remorse that's all"
by Pedroew July 22, 2008
The remorse you have the following day after a heavy session of marijuana.
"Dude, I woke up this morning with the biggest case of leaf grief. I need to stop hitting that double chamber so hard.."
by Pedroew July 22, 2008
Aussie slang for shit yeah. Used when trying to emulate a rough as guts aussie bloke who agrees with ones point or argument.
Rex: "Hey Gary, do you agree that the local pub should reduce the price of their pints back down to $5?"
Gary: "Ahhh Chit Chair i do. Bloody thieves they are.."
by pedroew November 12, 2009