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Simply what u say if u can remember a woman by how she looks but u cant remember her name.
When it is the same situation but with a man it is simply then "what's HIS face"....
"look over there its what's her face"


"you remember who i'm talkin about, old what's his face?"
#wotz her face #wotz his face #what's his face #bad memory #forgetful
by PedroXL October 01, 2006
This describes a girl with an amazing body but an ugly face. see Skeletor

Can also be "body FROM baywatch, face FROM crime watch"

Itz the sort of thing teenage boyz snigger about with their matez but wouldnt actually go say it 2 the girl in question.
"that girl has a body off baywatch, face off crime watch, shame..."
#baywatch #crime watch #ugly girl #skeletor #ugly face
by PedroXL September 30, 2006
higgins is a word used to describe the physically impossible event of a woman recieving penetrating sex from a man in her ear. The word was invented in Maidstone, Kent in England and is used by school kids and students.
student 1 - "cor that bird is well fit"

student 2 - "ya, sure she aint"

student 1 - "i'd love to stick it in her ear!"

students 1&2 - "HIGGINS!!!"
#higginz #students #school kids #maidstone #kent
by PedroXL September 30, 2006
The most popular chav dialect. It is spoken in the South-East, East Anglia and London but is also spreading to the South-West and Midlands (of England, UK.)
It is a combination of Jamaican Yardie and Estuarine English (a hybrid Cockney).

Fukwitspeak pronounciationz -

About = Abaaaht
Give = Giss
No = Naaah
Down = Daahn
Going To = Gaahna

#yardie #cockney #estuarine english #chav #chavvy
by PedroXL September 30, 2006
Invented in Maidstone, Kent in England and used by 6th form students. Simply meanz cigerette.
"lash me a smokey joe, mate?!"
#ciggie #snout #growler #fag #cancer stick
by PedroXL October 01, 2006
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