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The most beautiful girl you could ever meet shes so hott guys would die for her.Is also smart nd hepls people wen they need help.Has a rocking body and a beutiful face. Shes a wonderfull kisser and she is very seducive. She is amazing in bed. She has amazing talents!! she has huge boobs and a big butt.Is a curvy hispanic girl.is sometimes shy and gets offended easily.Sometimes tends to hang out wid the bad crowd.Outgoing and has many friends.Is a big flirt but can be shy around the guy she really likes. Has nice full lips.Has a nice supporting family.Is the sexiest girl nd is perfect
Guy 1:"Damm there gose Sofia shes so HOTT"
Guy 2:"I know i want to get with her so bad,i'd do anything for her."
Guy 1:I know me too shes the hottest girl in this school!!

Girl 1:"Urgg Sofia is so pretty"
Girl 2:"i know ever guy in this school wants her"
Girl 1:"i wish i was like her"
Girl2:"Me too"
by Pedro1234534356576890 October 26, 2010

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