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3 definitions by Pedro Von Escobar

It's pretty much self descriptive. Try saying it, it rolls off the tongue.
You's uh mother fuckin titty suckin two balled bitch
by Pedro Von Escobar March 18, 2007
62 23
An Emcee who also goes by the Sizzler, Herbert Hoover, or Johnny Sweatpants. He is known for a zany sense of direction and not having an inner monologue. Also known for getting incredibly baked up for long hours and not making much sense (if any). He also eats copious amounts of snacks when baked.
Did you see Q Sizzle, he's so high he ate an entire jar of cheeze dip.

Damn, he won't be poopin for a week.
by Pedro Von Escobar August 24, 2008
24 6
In the Cincinnati area, specifically Newport, one who masturbates very frequently.
Man I'm so horny I'm gonna pull a J-Lub.
by Pedro Von Escobar March 19, 2007
27 10