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In Colombia "chimba" is used in a lot of contexts but the exact meaning is a pretty girl pussy. Diminutive strenghts the prettyness. It is less coarse than chocha.

It also means that someone/something is cool.

Also a few people uses the term as a synonym of penis.
That guy/girl is a chimba. I dated that chimba. In the party there were a lot of chimbitas. The trip was a chimba.
by Pedro Piqueras July 15, 2006
A very skilled man. A man knows too much. This expression is not related with the word puta. Because of the similarty with that word, is applies only for men and not for women.
1. He scored 10/10, he is "un putas"/Sacó 10/10, ese tipo es un putas.

2. He resolved that very complicated problem for us, definitely, he is "un putas" / El tipo nos resolvió el problema, definitivamente es un putas.

3. He fixes cars very quickly, he is "un putas" for car mechanics. / Arregla los carros muy rápido, es un putas para la mecánica.
by Pedro Piqueras August 09, 2006
In Colombia it's an expression that means something/someone is cool. Curiously, the meaning is not related with the word puta.
1. That girl is "del putas" /Esa vieja es del putas
2. My English course is "del putas" /Mi curso de inglés es del putas.
by Pedro Piqueras July 15, 2006
Spanish abbreviation for "Ni puta idea" - No fucking idea. In order to not use coarse language, some people say that the meaning is "No poseo información" - I don't have information.
1. Mary:-> Sabes en donde dejamos los condones? / Do you know where we left the condoms?
John:-> NPI

2. Charles:-> Será que Mary quiere salir conmigo? / Do you think that Mary wants to hang out?
John:-> NPI, pregúntele! / NPI, just ask her!
by Pedro Piqueras August 24, 2006
Spanish expression to mean that a situation was embarrassing. A person can use this expression to express his/her shame. A good translation is "What a shame!"
1. De repente quedó empeloto en medio de la reunión, qué oso! - Suddenly he lost all his clothes in the middle of the meeting... qué oso!.

2. Estaba borracho y mi jefe me cogió vomitando sobre una alfombra costosa en su casa... qué oso!. I was drunk and I was caught by my boss puking on an expensive carpet in his house in one of company's parties... qué oso!.
by Pedro Piqueras August 22, 2006
It's to have sex rubbing man's penis between girl's tits. Usually, the girl gets a facial and tits cumshot from the tits at the end.
1. That girl has big enough tits to have a Russian fuck / Esa vieja tiene tetas como para hacerle la rusa.
by Pedro Piqueras July 15, 2006

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