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Analogous to 'sportsmanship', the general class and integrity displayed by one engaging in sexual exploitation. Characterized by (but not limited to) a mean strut, brandishing of a cane, a fast back-hand, flowery attire, savouring of the pimp juice and the efficient use of crack in attracting and retaining talent.
"Joe is taking three girls to the prom."

"Well done old chap... what pimpmanship."
by Pedro the spicy September 05, 2005
Your view of life or identity of self. Typically used to discount a self-absorbed person.
"Please son, my thesis will rip your crew to pieces."
-- J5
by Pedro the spicy August 29, 2005
'Gang probe association' - organization formed in 2004 by three rogue students at the University of Toronto, the main purpose of which was to promote the usage of gang probes. Major functions including the procurement of lube and batteries, recruitment of unsuspecting students looking to improve their grades, research into anal elasticity, and, of course, executive oversight.
Sample GPA meeting agenda

#1 - Gang probe Ricardo
#2 - See #1
by Pedro the spicy August 29, 2005
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