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Noun- A fat person of the negro race sitting on front porch drinking grape soda, hennesy, eating watermelons while subjecting other porch monkeys to eating bananas. Can be found, rarely, in albino colors most often in trailer parks.

Noun-A disgustingly fat black person.

Noun-A fat person preferably a negro.

See also porch monkey
1."Man dude I almost crap myself when I drove by a band of Porch Gorillas the other day."

2."Look at that Chunky Porch Gorilla there."

3."Hey look a porch monkey!"
"That's no porch monkey, that's a porch gorilla!"
by Pedophiles United May 09, 2010
Noun- The morbid obsession with Justin Bieber. Sometimes asociated with masturbatal deaths and Kim Kardashian's enormous horse penuscis(aprox. 24' long).
My doctor said I had one of the most advanced cases of Bieber Fever since Nam.
by Pedophiles United May 09, 2010
The act of being and or doing honeycomb, while expressing the natural virtues of the honeycomb, can be traced back to the days when honeycomb. Has been used in the settings of Beaverdam, Luke Court. Can be used as adjective, noun, verb,preposition, colon, semi colon, clause, infinitive, subject, pronoun, adverb, and B&*%#@!.

See Gourds
See Rainbowz
See Brian Peppers
See Chili Palmer
1."Chill as a Honeycomb?"

2."Lets go find some Honeycomb."

3."Brian Peppers is Chill as a Honeycomb."

4."Hey, Want to go Chill as a Honeycomb...Fence."
by Pedophiles United May 09, 2010
Noun-The Comedy Central Roast of Barrack Obama and Osama Bin Laden. They normally roast eachother but on some occasions it is done separately by William Shatner. In conjunction with gatherings of Obamas and Osamas.
Anouncer (William Shatner): "Welcome to the 16th anual Roastama! Here as our special guest is Barrack Obama! and Osama Bin Douche Bag."

Bin Laden: "Ok dis guy he so black that allah has trouble beating off."

Crowd : "BOOOOO"

Obama: "Your a dune coon."

Crowd: "They took his job!"
by Pedophiles United May 09, 2010
Old anti-semite Jewish woman that smokes 10 cartons of kools, camel unfiltered, and marlaboro reds, Did i mention shes jewish. She snorts pennies constantly, by crushing them up on her dashboard of her old volkswagon, i believe i mentioned shes jewish, breaks into other cars and fine establishments to steal pennies and doesnt uphold the law... give a penny take a penny. Ohhhh and her grandfather fell out of a guard tower in WWII, Auchwitz. And finally shes Jewish.

See cigarettes
Marti: " My throat is so clogged with ash and tar i sound like marti fincklestein"
by Pedophiles United May 09, 2010

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