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Spanish for a female of low intelligence, often making the same ridiculous errors in judgement. Is also easily amused...somewhat like a shmoe
"Kristi stop running through the snow, you have your church clothes on!" "Okayyyy..." as she continues to dart through the snow... "GEEEE what a TONTA!"
#stupid #slow #idiot #shmoe #dumb ass
by Pedo Vedo September 25, 2008
Spanish for "Umm Umm Umm" This word is usually used when searching for an idea and/or an outlandish excuse.
Teacher asks, "Boxer, where is your homework?" Boxer foolishly grins and replies "Ques que...my dog ate my homework."
#uh #um #eh #ahh #oh
by Pedo Vedo September 25, 2008
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