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To call a person's mobile phone but only just long enough to produce two or three rings. Used as a signal for you to call the person who has 'pranked' you or vice versa.
Okay, man. Prank me when you wanna be picked up
by pedders August 22, 2005
A fun, family activity. Involves waiting in a car or van for a suitable homosexual male to appear, then bundling them into the vehicle, whereby they will spend the next few days being subjected to various forms of physical and emotional pain.
Andy: Gee, I look great in my new threads. I hope i don't get poofter-bashed again tonight. All those bloodstains really turned Peter off.
by Pedders April 29, 2005
Individuals from mediteranean backrounds (Western Oriental) who despite all efforts, refuse to assimilate into the country of residence. They continue to speak their languages, oppose establish customs and do not associate with other cultures except to harass them. Commonly seen hanging out the front of "Seven Eleven" in groups of ten around a VL Commodore
Oh mah god, you lehh!! Let's all go to the club tonight man and pick up some sluts man! We can gang rape them while we're at it!
by pedders October 31, 2004
A know-it-all pseudointellectual
who will yell out the answers to rhetorical questions during college lectures.
Professor: Can anyone give me an example of something that makes you stressed?
Hero: Stress is caused by an increase in dopa-mine in the cerebral cortex of the brain etc.
Professor: Erm... No
by Pedders August 13, 2005
Idiots who support a charity that believes that the Hiv/Aids virus doesnt exist and infected people should't seek treatment and continue to practice unprotected sex. Its all on their website
Foo fighters play good music but are kinda stupid
by pedders January 26, 2005
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