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When scoring a beautiful goal in your own goal.
Guy 1: Did you see that!?!?!
Guy 2: Yeah! Pwn goal!
by Pebbel February 25, 2009
A band touring, when suddenly illness kick in.
Itchy concrete eyeballs and razor throat. Clogged nostrils and stiffass neck. Tour aids sets in!
by Pebbel September 08, 2009
When paying to much for a hamburger.
Guy 1: I payed 10$ for my hamburger last night!!!

Guy 2: Hahaha you ate a scamburger x)
by Pebbel February 25, 2009
If Obama ever gonna do what president Clinton did... have sex with a female any other than his wife.
Did you hear Obama had sex with that lady?? She's a Hobama!
by Pebbel February 23, 2009
The President Burger! Makes the old Big Mac taste like shit.
I`ve been eating Big Mac for years, and can`t get enough! Until I tried the new Obamac!! And daaaaaamn! That`s a burger!
by Pebbel February 25, 2009

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