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Possibly the most rednecked suburb in all of Perth. Full of middle class workers, It's a continually growing shithole where the poor can feel rich. Jandakot's youth is seperated into two sections, The half chinese/half australian children that go to private schools and the plain white children left to get a crappy job at the local IGA and go to a public school. Jandakot's only beauty is the free way that runs straight in the midle of it.
'Where ya from?'
'Janddacote' *Mis-spelling due to lack of education*
'Jandakot you mean?, Nice place isn't it.'
'It owrite why?'
*Silence emerges*
by Pearlish April 25, 2008
'The once desired family area' Two decades ago Greenwood was the profound family area with many births and new families started in this area. For middle class workers and higher rates to pay for housing, Owners have to work harder so they can continually live here. Their children however, Well, You miles a well say they run the suburb. Full of binge drinking, Underage parties, Burnouts ,illicit drugs and graffiti as their going through their adolesance. This is the desired paradise that every teenager wants to live in.
'So whereabouts ya from bro?'
'Ah, Dardy cunt'
by Pearlish April 25, 2008

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