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A name derived from Hebrew. A Margalit is a girl who is slightly nuts, kind of eclectic and a free spirit, but she's very fun to party with and is usually in between Emo and Hippie. Usually a Margalit is somewhat of a spaz. She's nerdy, but she's quite attractive appearance-wise, with thick hair, long eyelashes, and an hourglass figure. A Margalit loves all kinds of music and animals, is good at drawing and math, and can rip a huge fart. She cares a lot about other people, but she gets what she wants because she's got a fiery temper and everyone thinks she's cute.
Bob: Did you see that chick over there? She's such a Margalit.
Arnold: She's crazy. And a spaz.
Bob: So what? I love nerdy chicks. Especially with hair like that. And man, check out those Margos!
by Pearl the Gecko Girl January 19, 2012
1. If there is someone who you think is hot or otherwise attractive, and her name has the letters "bel" in it somewhere, you might call her "hell's bells".
2. A nickname for someone whose name is Isabelle, Isobel, or Isabella whom you can't stand.
3. A very dangerous hallucinogenic drug, made from a surprisingly common flower.The high lasts from about two to seven days and can trigger seizures, vomiting, and plenty of other lovely (NOT) symptoms.
1. Jake: Izzy from Spanish just sent me a note.
2. Bob: Go get her! She ain't called Hell's Bells for nothing!

2. Maddy: Isabelle is driving me crazy!
Beulah: She really thinks she's Hell's Bells.

3: Arnie: Blaaaargh!

Tom: I told you not to take that hell's bells! Now I have to clean up after your barf!
by Pearl the Gecko Girl January 22, 2012

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