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Tery has erotic, sexy and attractive looks. He is intelligent to the point of genius in most aspects of knowledge based situations, however, can be a little too narrow minded to see the big picture which equates to missing the common sense answer at times. He presents himself as a proper, well educated gentleman and is well respected by all; his wild outrageous freaky side is only known to his closest friends and family. It would be expected that when he is up against danger he would make a mad dash to the phone to call 911, to the contrary, his inner rage would be unleashed to protect the ones he loves or himself and his foe would surely fall. He is a loyal and loving husband who treats his spouse as an equatable part of two being united as one but can at times take that union for granted and needs to be reminded of the others needs. He is the ideal father, pulling from his diversified education, spiritual and experience bases. A very spiritual being whose true calling is in the arts suchs as fine art, music, poetry but often holds a professional position requiring a high level of intelligence to better meet financial needs.
I totally didn't expect that out of that guy, he's a real Tery.
by Pearbee February 06, 2010

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