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A fucking huge ass cock that Penatrates deep within the depths of Womans orphus. Can also be used for home improvement.
Hey mitch, can you throw me a 12 inch man hammer? I need to hang up this picture of my Persian wife.
by Peakey1001 October 05, 2011
1. One who consistently fucks ones mother.
2. A douche bag who will totally do a complete dick move to someone such as pushing a handicapped person out of their chair for personal amusement or to make themselves feel better.
3. One who always kills your swag or rains on your parade per se.
Jake is such a mutha fucka, he made fun of that retarded kid that always leaves his poop-stained underwear in the locker room.

-Hey I fucked that nerds mom while he was studying
-youre such a mutha fucka
by Peakey1001 October 06, 2011
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