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Biblical name: Hebrew origin, meaning "Gazelle" which is "beauty and grace", "also worthy cow" as in biblical days cows were very valuable and treasured.
Thats a Leah, shes one of a kind
#leah #lee lee #laya #laia #leia
by Peagreen August 07, 2007
something more uniquer than anything else. Something may be most unique but its not the uniquest
this pen is unique, this pencil is uniquer, this vivid is the most unique (because its differnt to the pen and pencil)...but this rubber is the uniquest (because its not a drawing tool at all).
#uniquest #uni #unique #u-ne-quest #uni-k
by Peagreen August 07, 2007
The uniquest of something.
that pen is unique, that pencil is uniquer, that vivid is the most unique but that rubber is the uniquest.

the pen is unique becoz it is an unusal style
the pencil is uniquer coz it is realy special
the vivid is the most unique coz its way different than the other 2
the runner is the uniuest becoz it serves a total different purpose
#uni-k #uni-kest #un-ek-est #u-ne-kised #uni-quest
by Peagreen August 07, 2007
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