4 definitions by Peacock Sherman Manjankerson

A mark left over when someone slashes you with a knife in the ghetto.
Man, I shouldn't have walked into the ghetto. Some thug gave me a painful-as-hell Zebra stripe.
by Peacock Sherman Manjankerson September 13, 2013
A disease many people have caught, in which someone posts something online, such as youtube, which they beleive the post is badass, only to find that everyone hated the post and goes online and does the SAME shit and fails again.
My freind suffers from hyper internet fail disease. Everyone hates her shitty posts.
by Peacock Sherman Manjankerson September 17, 2013
The Kickass part of an interrogation. There are three types of bad cop: Black: Usually looks like Samuel Jackson. Has a white guy pull him off the suspect when he gets angry and starts beating people up. White: Has cool shades and a black leather jacket and, opposite of his black counterpart, has a black good cop pull him off of people. Asian: Usually looks like the average cop until someone does something bad. Then, HE OPENS A CAN OF KICKASS AND LAYS THE SMACK DOWN ON DEESE FOOLS WITH SOME MUAY THAI BOXING AND SHOOTS LASER BEAMS FROM HIS EYEBALLS AS HE BECOMES ONE WITH HIS INNER DRAGON!
Man, shouldn't have messed wit dat bad cop. That Boy was Asian and kicked my unsuspecting, treacherous ass!
by Peacock Sherman Manjankerson September 19, 2013
A badass octopus who doesn't play with shit.
Squidward: "and I curse everyone who ever enjoyed it to an early, and well deserved, GRAVE!"
by Peacock Sherman Manjankerson September 13, 2013

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