3 definitions by Peachypeach

Adj: used to describe the generation of women (or men) who partake in the wearing of ponchos, a fashion craze reborn from the 60's, in winter 2004
Alana: "what are they wearin?"
Clare: "ponchos!"
Peachy: "they are poncho people! i wana be a poncho person!"
by Peachypeach January 23, 2007
adj: To obtain sexual pleasure from the act of gyrating on a raised, hard surface
"what ya doing there on that window sill?"

"im just slitlin, yeoooooooooooooo"
by Peachypeach January 23, 2007
codeword used for marajuana: used while talking on the phone so your mum doesnt know your buying drugs
"ya gettin' sum magnus u filthy mofo"
by Peachypeach January 23, 2007

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