20 definitions by Peach

A slang term for man-on-man anal sex.
I love fucking him bareback, it's the best sort of Blocko out there!
by peach March 28, 2003
seriously sketchy situation
person 1 "dude this party just got busted and i jumped out the window and ran through the woods to my car to escape
person 2 "sounds like an SSS"
by peach April 25, 2005
A woman who ejaculates during orgasm
I thought she peed on me, but she was just a rainmaker
by Peach November 27, 2004
A gay boy who has fallen into the icky trend of boot wearing, as in, UGG boots, or Coach boots.
My gay friend Billy bought a pair of tan uggs, what a puss in boots.
by Peach March 14, 2004
a word that discribes the sound u make when u move really fast
hes a zoomer
by peach March 22, 2004
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