20 definitions by Peach

another word for a girl gold digger.
Tina got him to buy her that bracelet, she is such a plastic pusher.
by Peach March 15, 2004
Norton anti-virus exploit, reason for peach getting g-lined all the time from gamesnet.
Peach: Echo J | Format C:
by peach February 15, 2004
A LAN party done by a russian. Mainly consisting of males and computers.
Computer games, Caffeine and Women all combined into one long night.
"You ready for the vLAN on Saturday?"
"You better believe it!"
by Peach November 09, 2003
When a gay boy dresses up so much that he looks like a girl.
He definetly put on his cher wear tonight.
by Peach March 14, 2004
for sure my friend
"He is off the hizzle!!!"
"Fo shizzle my nizzo!"
by peach September 15, 2003
a very awsome person who can talk at 100000 words per minute! they like tomatoes and pickles! they also eat chesse and they like to yell PLAYA!
my friend bob is so discapulated
by peach March 22, 2004
a party, or game
It's like a hootanannie in my mouth!
by Peach October 05, 2003

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