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An extremely rural area populated by low income blue collar families. Usually tight-knit and often self sufficient. Denizens of the country ghetto make up a mixing bowl of races, incomes, ideals and morals. As made famous by the JJ Grey & Mofro song, the country ghetto is sometimes looked down upon by people from the city, or higher income families, who see them as 'white trash.' Cops almost never come to the country ghetto unless called, which is also very rare, because most people would rather handle things on their own. The absence of authority sometimes makes the country ghetto a hot spot for people growing and/or manufacturing illegal drugs and making illegal alcohol, however, in general, most denizens are friendly, generous people who were born, grew up and continue to raise their families in the area.
Stranger: "Wow this is some real country area out here. That guy had 4 lawnmowers and 7 broken down cars in his yard."

Me: "Ahh you know that's how we do in the country ghetto! That's the Smith's place. Mrs. Smith makes some bangin' apple pie though."
by peaceblaster July 04, 2013
To really let loose and forget your inhibitions. Usually used in context of extreme partying. Also used in context of dancing ones ass off. Popular amongst bros and dubstep junkies alike. Can also be converted into a adjective with the addition of -er (Rager) to describe an out of control party, club or concert.
Dubkid#1: Doctor P. is spinnin' tonight, bruv!
Dubkid#2: I'm ready to fuckin' RAAAAAGE!!

Bro#1: We just got the keg, bro!
Bro#2: Let's fuckin' Rage!
by Peaceblaster January 28, 2011
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