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Contrary to popular northern belief, we do NOT all live on house boats, have pet alligators, or travel to school in pirouges. Crawfish, is NOT a crayfish or a bug, it is a delcicous shellfish esspecially when boiled with lots of seasoning, and dipped in a mixture of kethcup, mayo, tony's, and tobasco. One more thing, "yall" is not strange, or hick talk. It is just a contraciton using the words "you" and "all." Oh, and the Saints are not just New Orleans' team, they are all of Louisiana and parts of Mississippi and Alabama's team. I am proud to be from Louisiana and call it home. It is somewhere where it is an instant reaction to use words like "yes mamn," and "no mamn," please and thankyou, without realizing it. Manners are important here, no matter how much class you may think you have or not. And Louisiana is where when the gass prises are high we are happy, this means our state economy is doing really well. If you have'nt been to Louisiana (or were too scared that you would experience a culture shock) come on down we don't bite!
I love Louisiana!
by Peace*Love*Dance February 18, 2010
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