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Kumon. Oh mah lawd, Kumon.
They start you off with little kid problems (assuming you're just. That. Stupid.), and eat away at your life slowly as you sit there in your house on Saturday afternoons, scribbling away at your Kumon packets while everybody else maintains a social life. To the Kumon instructors, everybody learns the same way. Can't solve math problems that quickly, but understand the basics of it to be able to work it out carefully? Sorry, Charlie. Let's do it again until your brain works in the manufactured Kumon way.

To the people who are not yet enrolled in Kumon: when your parent makes any reference to the place in any way, shape, or form, RUN LIKE THE WIND.
Friend: So, Cassidy... what did you do this weekend? I didn't see you all last week; where were you?
Cassidy: Oh, you know... sitting in my house, doing Kumon packets.
by Peabrain August 27, 2012
Anime nerds come in all different types. There isn't just one way you can group them.
I am an anime nerd, yes. But that doesn't mean that I insert random Japanese words into my sentences, pretend to be Japanese, and I certainly am able to talk about something BESIDES anime.

You see, there are sensible anime fans out there. You just have to look. Sometimes, you won't even know somebody likes it because they never talk about it. We're not all obnoxious and we don't throw a tantrum when people say they don't like anime.

Please don't group us all into the stereotype being that we're all creepy and stupid. Try to get to know us a little before you decide one anime fan is just like another.
Yeah, I'm an anime nerd. Am I going to talk to you constantly about anime, pretend to be Japanese, and be ignorant about the culture? No.
by Peabrain October 01, 2012
The act of posting an angsty status or picture to Facebook complaining about the impending Monday. If you're lucky, you'll scroll past about five to ten of these.
Aw man, Sunday already? This seems like I can get away with a few likes by posting a Sunday Night Angst status.
by Peabrain December 01, 2012

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