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A rural/suburban cityish town located in MA. It is known for the Northshore Mall and Liberty Tree mall. Peabody is split into 4 sections: Peabody: The general middle class area, South Peabody: The very large middle class area, Downtown Peabody: The lower class area full of many stores, West Peabody: The very small area of upper class residents. West Peabody is home to many doctors and dentists. Very wealthy and secluded. Many of the teens there are overly preppy and spunge off of mom and dad's cash flow. But in general, Peabody is a great place in MA.
Stay away from West Peabody, you'll be overcome by all the snobbyness of the WASPy preppy rich jekrs who have way too much money and thinkt ehy're better than everyone because they all attened elite private schools.
by Peabodian July 31, 2005
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