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2 definitions by PeSeEpE

Whilst a person is walking, possibly in a hurry, a slower person, perhaps larger in size(fat), is walking in front of them and is blocking any passing opportunity for the walker in behind. This can prove to be very frustrating and often the walker in behind passes the slow one in front and for a brief moment they are awkwardly walking side by side.
Sandy: I was walking to Mark's house yesterday when some fat bitch was holding me up so I decided to pass her.

Shaun: Oh yeah, that bitch was such a strut nut!
by PeSeEpE May 22, 2009
A long and slender, yellow ripe fruit that is delicious and no one will ever forget how to spell it thanks to Gwen Stefani.
This shit is bananas. B-A-N-A-N-A-S. Love Gwen :)
by PeSeEpE May 22, 2009