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From the movie "Deuce Bigalow: European Gigalo". It is used to describe the sex act of dipping your cock into a pile of jizz, covering ur cock in white jizz making it look like a snow cone hence the name, then stuffing ur snow cone cock in a girl's mouth or vagina.
Ronny: "whats up partnah"

Dave: "Check this shit out. I gave that skank from last nite a Turkish Snow Cone in my jeep"

Ronny: "No shit, what a whore"
by Pdogs August 26, 2005
slowly stop calling, talking to, interacting with a girl in order to purposley lose contact with her
Bobby: dude what happened to Alexa?

Jimmy Bean: I faded her so fast
by pdogs March 24, 2005
something bad, a bad occurance, similar to "shitty"
I lost my wallet at the club?
no shit dude, thats grimey
by pdogs March 24, 2005
From the movie "Deuce Bigalow: European Giggalo" Refers to the sex act of spreading a woman's legs wide open, stuffing curry chicken in her nanzo and eating her out while munching on the chicken"
I gave my wife a portugese breakfast this morning.
by Pdogs August 26, 2005
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