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When you are performing a triple team on a chick and switching spots every few minutes. Usually involving two guys performing a dp and one getting a bj.
We totally destroyed that skank last night with that epic ferris wheel.
#dp #double-team #triple-team #sex #anal
by PDizz December 16, 2012
A method employed to ball tag another guy. You tell your friend that you were recently bit by a horse. Since this is unbelievable your friend will undoubtedly ask to see it. When he does turn sideways and pull down your shirt coller as if to show a horse bite on your shoulder. When your friend unsuspectingly comes in for a peek you have hime right where you want him. WHAM! Whack him in the nuts with your hand that is appropriately positioned and aimed right at them.
"When Mike was pissing me off i showed him my horse bite."
#ball tag #horsebite #horse bite #balls #nuts
by Pdizz November 04, 2007
After recieving a blowjob, the male will pull out and ejaculate in the eyes of the female thus blinding her. When she stands to reprimand you, smash her ears as with your hands as if you are smashing tamborines together, thus leaving her blind and deaf
"That skank i took home from the club last night was getting lippy with me so I gave her a helen keller to shut her up."
#helen #keller #blowjob #ejaculate #blind #deaf
by pdizz November 04, 2007
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