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From "ramu" meaning dork, and "diesel" meaning super. Combined to form "super dork".

Noun. Any dork of the super or uber classification.

Adj. Having the qualities of super dorkdom or being impotent.
Noun. Wow, that guy who goes to Drexel is a huge ramudiesel.

Adj. Yeah, they were gonna do the dirty, but it turns out he couldn't seal the deal...you know, he's kinda ramudiesel.
by Payne October 13, 2004
just chillin, laying back in your atmosphere doing your thing, ya know
dogg, what you up to?
man, you know, just swean'n right now
by Payne December 14, 2003
a fat off girl who is fat and smells and is not quite as hot or sexy as jam master j who actually does have a six pack and a large willy
h gilling jam master j has a huge 1
by payne January 11, 2005
Being an extreme fuck-up; cannot do anything right/is named Fenner; looks, acts, or seems like a fuck-up
That guy is fucking clown shoes...he deserves to get hot carl-ed for being such a fuck...
by Payne January 16, 2004

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