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When you spend too much time thinking about higher level concepts instead of getting shit done.
What if I did x, y and z in order to solve this problem to make it a lot more efficient at doing this and that?
...Nah, I'm orbiting too much.
#head in clouds #architectural astronaut #dilly dallying #fuddling #screwing around #wasting time
by pawn September 10, 2012
1. When there is a sub for a teacher and that sub gets sick, the next sub is the dubsub

2. enough subway stuff to fill two sandwiches but is only in one.
"That dubsub we had wasnt any good. i want our sub back"
"No way i want the real teacher back!"

"Thats a lot of meat"
"Yeah i guess its a dubsub, that lady packed it on"
#doublesub #dubsubbing #secondsub #bigsub #nextsub
by Pawn April 04, 2006
A person that hates kids and plays stupid games
"wanna play heads up seven up"
"Dude you are such a drasher"
#drash #drush #drashing #to drash #drashable
by Pawn April 03, 2006
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