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A person so out of shape their body has several folds of fat on it.
"Oh man, I was at the beach the other and there was a woman who should not have being wearing a bikini."
"She was that fat huh?"
"Put it this way, the amount of folds that were on her you'd think she was making origami."
"Ah Origami fat, never a good thing.
by Paw Lee June 25, 2012
Another term for "glitter".
I was at the party and they were throwing glitter all over the place. It was like someone killed a fairy and there pixey blood every where.
by Paw Lee January 13, 2012
a reverie indulged in while awake. Another term for daydreaming.
I didn't really feel paying attention in class so I took an imagination break and fought some ninjas, then the teacher realized I wasn't paying attention.
by Paw Lee May 23, 2011
When a hobo gives another hobo a hand job.
"Dude, I was out the other day and I walked by this alley where to hobos were pan handling each other."
"They were asking each other for money?"
"Nah dude, nah!"
by Paw Lee October 12, 2012
When a pic, photo or image of yourself is so bad you don't want it on facebook and you know noone goes on myspace anymore.
-Dude that such bad pic of me, we'll make that a myspace pic.
-But noones on myspace anymore to see it
by Paw Lee August 06, 2012
Male version of a motorboat but it's when a man's penis is fondled.
-"Dude, during dinner she kept grabbing my croch under the table and playing with it."
-"Bro, so she was canoe paddling you!"
by Paw Lee February 08, 2012
a reverie indulged in while awake. In other words, daydreaming.
I was at work the other day taking an imagination break and I though, "How cool it mus be to be a ninja"
by Paw Lee May 06, 2011

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