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BNP is a term coined by British Asians to describe a park bench full of alcoholic vagrants that smell of urine and drink anything so long as its cheap and contains alcohol (mouthwash, and meths etc).
Ravi, come here, you see if you dont get a job when you leave school you will be spending your life over there with the BNP.
by Pavan Choudry January 20, 2008
Leader of the BNP (British national party)
The Fhurer, as Nick Likes the people that tollerate him to call him, is someone who was accused by the British national press as having had a gay relationship with a flatmate. Being the leader of the BNP this naturally caused raised eyebrows, since their policy is to castrate homosexuals, execute them, or imprison them, according to which of their policy statements you believe.
It is something which Nick griffin was given a chance to disprove in a court that would have decided whether the statements were libellous, but Nick griffin chose not to contest the "accusation". Full details are easily found online in the Guardian and Mirror etc
When the BNP get into power will Nick Griffin be castrated ?
by Pavan Choudry January 20, 2008

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