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An unsettled mood where any event is viewed as negative or threatening. People in a spikey mood are difficult to please and react very badly to everything.
Did you speak to Sue this morning, god that girl is spikey today.

Please can you try to be less spikey on Monday mornings, I am fed up with hearing you snap at your colleagues and co-workers over nothing.
by Paulsinhis30's April 05, 2009
The act of being the spare person in a group. What a single person does when they go out with a gang of couples. The odd one out.
Yeah all the others were already paired up, I was totally fifth wheeling.

I wish that guy would get some friends of his own, he is always fifth wheeling us.
by Paulsinhis30's April 05, 2009
The general completion of any activity related to religion. Church or other Holy site visiting, reading bibles or other sacred texts, door to door recruiting of followers, praying, inciting others to receive religion. Refers to the fact that any supreme being is probably fed up of the constant stream of followers craving his or her attention at all hours of the day and night.
Its Sunday, see them all rushing to the church for a bit of god bothering?

by Paulsinhis30's April 05, 2009
To call someone and leave a complaint or other negative message on their voice messaging system. To be unhappy about being put through to an automated message.
She is hiding behind her voicewail.

He wouldn't pick up so I voicewailed him.
by Paulsinhis30's April 05, 2009
The 21st century neurosis about going anyhere without a cellular telephone. Particularly prevalent in the under 40's.
Guy A:I can't go out without my phone, what if someone texts me?

Guy B:Dude - you have got mad agrophonebia.
by Paulsinhis30's April 06, 2009
Acronym - Multi Directional Splatter Botty. A syndrome that occurs with gastro intestinal illness, or a byproduct of Vindaloo comsumption.
I can come into work day, I have a bad case of MDSB.
by Paulsinhis30's April 06, 2009
Worse than a muppet, completely devoid of any level of intelligence and or charisma. Un-experienced and unskilled. Brain Donor.
The guy couldn't even dance in time with the beat, what a noppet!

She is worse than clueless, a noppet of the first order!
by Paulsinhis30's April 05, 2009

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