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Noun - an intern (female) who is always prepared and thinks strategically to anticipate and accommodate the next move of her mentor. She is efficient, organized, smart and presentable. She can stay under the radar in meetings but pops up with epic amounts of relevant information, materials and support when called upon.
"I never have to give direction to Claire because she is already working on our next step of the project, she is my batgirl intern!"
by Paulicy911 March 08, 2012
Verb - the patented technique of hooking your thumb onto a girl's g-spot so that you have opposable pressure on it, which lets you drive her into a wall of orgasm harder than a crash test dummy with no airbags. (uninsurable, acts of god)
"Betty won't be able to answer the phone for a while, she's still recovering from a thumbdrive."
"Is Veronica having a seizure? No she just had a thumb drive, there's no first-aid for this..."
by Paulicy911 March 16, 2015

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