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forget it/no way.
I was gonna try to heelflip the seven stair, but when I got a look at it's height i changed my mine and said, "fuck that shit."
by PaulJar the Pornostar November 16, 2003
A weapon from Ratchet and Clank's sequal: Ratchet and Clank: Going Commando that shoots out tiny bombs that explode into many, even smaller, bouncy bombs that bounce around and lock on enemies- bouncing the hell out of them.
I used the Bouncer on an enemy and he died.
by PaulJar the Pornostar November 23, 2003
A pointless movie, starring Russell Crow, that I wasted 7 dollars and 25 cents on.
"Did you see Master and Commander: The far side of the World?"
"ya, it was really stupid. Russell Crow couldn't act his way out of my ass."
by PaulJar the Pornostar November 23, 2003
1. The Morman Religion
2. A waste of time
3. Like being Omish, but you can use electricity.
mormathology is, if it feels good- stop.
by PaulJar the Pornostar November 22, 2003
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