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A piece of shit that should be shot on site. If they are black, they try to be Puff Daddy. If they are white, they also try to be Puff Daddy. On both occasions they fail. They spend their time chewing pills (actually cough pills, but they don't know that, not surprising seeing as their average I.Q is 7), knifing people who have individuality, stealing anything they can get their filthy, scummy little hands on, and basically making england into a stupid little trashy piece of rock.
Towny1: Hey, thrashhead! What did you just say about my mum/sister?
Metaller: do I know you?
Towny2: Oooh, did ya hear that? He called your sister a tart!
Metaller: Ummm..no...
Towny1: Well, i'll knife ya, ya blingin fizzle shizzle gangsta muthafugga!
Fuck this
Towny1 and 2 and 3 and 4 etc: (knifes metaller several times)
Towny563: well wouldyou look at dat, izzn't it! He's got 5p in his pocket!
(townies fight over the first piece of money they've ever seen in their council house scum lives.)
by PaulGilbertkicksass January 20, 2004

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