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a part of england to the west of the midlands named so because the air used to be black and the coal around is black. home to the most slangest talkers on the face of the earth. here is a guide to "yam yam" spayke the genuine language of the black country!
a yo oroighte aer kid = are you alrighte mate
yowm = you are
aye ya = arnt' you
dowa = door
mayyte = freind
Dudlaaaaaaay = dudley "the former metal bashing capital of the world"
wer'sall = walsall "the formor capital of english saddle making"
bostin = great, to boast about
taye = tea
sond = sand
oss = horse
wagine = wagon with an engine in, truck or lorry
shy ross = shire horse
daye = did not
wo' = will not
yoe = you
terrar a bit = good bye
spayke = speak
yam yam = a person from the black country
tie = toy
carr = can not
the qwayne = the queen
warro = what is the matter with you
righteyoe = all right then
kidda = freind
goo = go
wi = we
wick = week
yampy = stupid
jaynes = jeans
sharrawagine/sharrabang = coach
citay = city
for more black country words and phrases there is now a "black country dictionary" available. a guide for tourists to help them when they come to this part of the country.
by Paul john hinton September 11, 2005
music brought down by god to the people sufferin in the mississippi delta, play it the hell you like its all about expression and bringing your feelings to the listener,and creating atmosphere.
just lookin through my ol blues records

ole Muddy back in the day was **** hot, ya know

oh really I just got this stevie ray record that lil white kid from austin can play.
by Paul john hinton September 13, 2005
its a saying, in the work place if you "send someone to coventry" it means your ignoring them, like churchil ignored warnings for the flattening of coventry during world war two.
if yo doe shurrup arl send yo to coventry
by Paul john hinton September 13, 2005
A style they say brached off from the chicago blues sceene,its energic and dirty, really jazzy and has some really rich rythms and new and origonal chords flowing around the groove. they have some firey and soulful singers its can also mean to have sex, to get funked up, or just music to have sex too, or just to feel good.

james brown, junior wells, stevie wonder, ray charles, albert king have the funk

by Paul john hinton September 12, 2005
ignore them, it derives from the way churchil recklacley didnt react to warnings that coventry would be bombed
if you send someone to coventry it means your ignoring them like churchil did
by Paul john hinton September 13, 2005
"black country" for tea,
guest: can yoe meck meya cuppa"tay"
host: two shugaz, ow many d'ya want kid
guest: arlavit' strong no shugaz thanks
by Paul john hinton September 12, 2005
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