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No one on here is saying Australians are gay, the fact is some Australians (and people in every other country) are arseholes. New Zealand was actually a colony of Britain not Australia, but with Australia as the big brother it administered New Zealand for a bit. And no it was not a Fourth of July style breakaway. Come Waitangi, New Zealand became a seperate colony. That happened in 1840. And while the two nations are a lot like each other, there are a number of subtle differences, however, this should not stop them from getting on.
Oz and New Zealand will never stop taking the piss out of each other, but when required, the two of them can knuckle down and get on with each other. That is why both of them are so effective as individual nations.
by Paul Ward April 28, 2007
Kind sir, as it happens, I'm a Canadian myself, and many Canadians I know, are quite fond of Kiwis and of New Zealand. Correct me if I'm wrong but aren't we in Canada living under America's shadow, (although this is a very mature and fine nation albeit not home to some of the best people). I do agree however that New Zealand is suffering from a higher instance, "little brother syndrome" all right? A lot like us at one point although we are overcoming it. New Zealand also suffers from a "cultural cringe" and yes is far from perfect, but as opposed to a low economy, NZ is actually doing relatively well, given it's isolation and what have you. I completely refute any reference to "sheep shagging" although to be fair, there are probably a minority of people in NZ who need to root them. And yes New Zealand lacks confidence in itself point taken, and there is a lot of catching up to do in this area, but there was a time when Canada lacked confidence in itself and some would argue, still do.

Have a good day!

New Zealand is a great country in most ways whom many Canadians love dearly.
by Paul Ward August 29, 2006
Yeshitsme I couldn't agree more with the sentiments "New Zealand is a country with beautiful scenery and a lot of good hearted people, keep up the good work New Zealand". I think the same can be said for most Australians, although Oz has different beauty to NZ naturally, but both of them generally are great countries, with a positive future.
I love New Zealand, not every single thing but most things about New Zealand.
by Paul Ward August 17, 2006
To that last contributor, try reading posts, 32, and 35 OK, the underlying point of your ludicrously written post is that Australia is a more successful country simply owing to it's confidence along with a host of other reasons. You will only find a quarter of that in New Zealand but I have yet to meet someone on here who will encourage New Zealand to catch up in this area as opposed to being arseholes.
Australia is more confident of itself than New Zealand is, and therefore more successful. Numbnuts!
by Paul Ward November 21, 2006
Poster of # 53 how old are you five or something? That aside, NZ is still an awesome country, very similar to Canada:


Large concentration of Scottish migrants in Otago (Nova Scotia for Canada)

A Big brother country next door, called Australia (US for Canada). Australia has been very influential in New Zealand life and history why else do you think all the definitions here mention Australia, in much the same way the US has been a big influence on Canada, despite all that Australia and the US do love Canada and NZ a lot. This is becoming more realised in Canada and NZ and so that love and respect is increasingly returned.

Largest tower in the Northern/Southern Hemispheres. CN Tower for Toronto, Skytower for Auckland.

Neither of them joined in the Iraq fracas upsetting their respective big siblings at the time. However, they did both send troops to Afghanistan.

Conclusion of post.
New Zealand and Canada have a lot in common.
by Paul Ward July 05, 2007

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