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The Rule of Elbows states that:

In the event of a drag-off, the male must be able to wrap both arms around the female while simultaneously touching both elbows with the opposite hand. Any breaking of the Rule of Elbows will result in mocking from his peers for a length of time no less than life.
Man, Nathan was so plastered last night, he couldn't even follow the Rule of "Fingertips".
by Paul Walsh September 17, 2004
An act whereby a person, usually a male, attempts to bring a member of the opposite sex home from a bar, using during last call, and is often faced with much aggrevation and mockery from peers from the next day on.
Did you see the chick Dave went home with last night? Man, that was a BAD drag-off!
by Paul Walsh September 17, 2004
the peck comes from manya long time ago, altho one peck stil lives, the youngest peck...mick brandpeck.

someone who is shit at everything.
"Yo mick that spliff is peck.....wack sum more buds in dat fo sheezy ma neezy....wickededy wackadesha....BO
by paul walsh June 04, 2004

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