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An extreme from of obfuscate. This is usually a feeling that a haxor gets when code cannot be reverse engineered into something understandable due to some extent of obfuscation that was applied to the code at compile time.
I'm gonna obfucksfrustrate my code making sure that any mofo haxor that breaks into my boxen and tries to steal my binary for decompilation will get fucks frustrated by it.
by Paul Roux September 07, 2006
Someone that gets off looking at computer generate images. Usualy the nerdy type that spends hours on news groups downloading anime stuff.
Roomate #1 : OMG, I just hit the jackpot on alt.binaries.graphics.cgi.porno - 20 gigerbytes of fresh jpegs !
Roomate #2 : Dude, is that cgi as in computer generated ?
Roomate #1 : Yeah, ofcourse it is !
Roomate #2 : Jeez, you are such a l4m3z0r pixelpopper.
by Paul Roux June 18, 2007
A sexual fetish that involves all sorts of stuff made from korn. Usually psychos that make crop circles have a korn fetish and will have dedicated korngear. In some parts of the world like Bangladesh to 'korngear' means to get an enema that are refered to as 'enamur'.
Person #1 : "I was having trouble with my Nokia phone and this guy called korngear gave me some help with it".
Person #2 : "Erm, did you say korngear, where is this guy from?"
Person #1 : "Yeah, korngear - from Dhaka near Bangladesh"
Person #2 : "Dude, your so brokeback..."
by Paul Roux October 11, 2007
World of Patchcraft is a game you play after you have installed a retail boxed version of WoW.

In order to play the game you need to have the latest patches installed. Everytime you try to play WoW it checks for updates. When it finds that you do not have the latest version the game will download and install the patch.

This process takes almost forever and is refered to as playing the World of Patchcraft.
No life #1 : "So are you gonna join our clan?"
No life #2 : "No, I am stuck playing Patchcraft."
No life #1 : "Jeez, what speed is your internet connection?"
No life #2 : "Not sure but it is so slow I call it an intersphinkter connection!"
No life #1 : "That sux, lets rather play Megaman on my NES."
No life #2 : "Yeah, thats much more enjoyable than Patchcraft."
by Paul Roux January 09, 2008
When your internet connection is very crappy you can refer to it as an intersphinkter connection.
Dude 1 : "I managed to download all the patches for WoW within 20 minutes cause I have a l33t internet connection.
Dude 2 : "My dialup connection is to slow to play World of Patchcraft.
Dude 1 : "Dialup is so crap it connects you to the intersphinkter, not the internet".
by Paul Roux January 09, 2008
Female genital. Synonym for vagina or pussy.
Dude #1 : Do you take the train or bus home?
Dude #2 : Neither, I gonna ride some wool scooter after work!
by Paul Roux October 09, 2007
A bizarre condition used to describe someone that is an utter tool and offers help to other people in online forums purely on the basis of getting points or ratings in exchange for it.
User : "I am having problems with my Nokia 7500prism phone?"

Psychomania : "You are a stupid user, it is not you phone causing the problem, it is you."

User : "Dammit, that was not helpful at all, I'm giving you a bad rating"

Psychomania : "Oh No! Please not that, I beg of you, please do not rate me down.....no....."
by Paul Roux October 09, 2007

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