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4 definitions by Paul Roberts

noun meaning the decorative items on either end of a curtain pole
Where did you buy those fenials? They're great
by Paul Roberts March 20, 2003
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Pronounced by MC as "Brokwy" . mostly used in drumm and bass community. Meaning cool, wicked, ace, rad, get those panties off, skin up, mess it up, get down.
"badda badda bassy, looking tasty, .. bbbbbbbbbbrokwitt.. make some noise,, rrinceout".
by Paul Roberts May 09, 2006
0 3
founded by John and Paul of Exeter and derived from afro-american gangsta "gyeah". pronounced "Jib" in the fastest and loudest possible manner.
"Hey, lets hit the pubs, get some nosh, maybe a few more pubs, then onto the quay yeah?"

by Paul Roberts May 10, 2006
2 8
meaning excellent, great, cool.
"that skirt with the pattern, healed shoes, ancklet, large belt and toe ring look DAGGA on you honey"
by Paul Roberts May 09, 2006
16 72