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2 definitions by Paul R. Nation

A "Trophy Ex" is the term given to an ex boyfriend or girlfriend, who is bragworthy after the breakup. Their hotness is so superior to the average boyfriend or girlfriend that one will continue to speak of them as "the one" ex that got away.
I used to date Pamela Anderson back in the day...she was my Trophy Ex. I will never have one at that level again!!!
by Paul R. Nation February 01, 2008
17 3
One who is not just a redneck, but lives a life dedicated to all things redneck. His house, his clothes, his vehicle, his girlfriend, IQ, etc. etc. have "redneck" written all over them.
Boy, that Billy Dean is not your ordinary redneck is he? He is "Full Blown Nascar"!
by Paul R. Nation July 10, 2008
8 0