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A gangsta-tron 5000 is someone who takes gangster to extreme.
In talking sense, or typing.
some guy: 'sup boi, youz gon' be poppin back wid me tuhday, or youz gonna pass da powduh wid me......2 keys wid me homie 2 KEYS!

other guy: man your such a gangsta-tron 5000

Translation of 'some guy': wuts up man, are you going to take some ecstacy with me today, or are you going to sniff coke with me... i have 2 kilograms of coke to spare....2 kilograms!
by Paul Papageorge April 11, 2006
N - Mission, short for Narnia mission, reffering to the movie The Chronicles of Narnia and attatching the word mission displays that the mission (trip) is very long like the trip it took the kids from the movie traveling from the ice land to Narnia.

General Definition: a very long trip from the starting point to the destination.
Thornhill to newmarket is such an N-Mission.

by Paul Papageorge February 16, 2006

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