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Town in kent formerly called Faversham. Due to the recent and constant increase in chavs the town has since been renamed.
1) 'Fancy a trip to faversham'
2) 'No chance, too many chavs for my liking. Think i'll give chaversham a miss.'
by Paul Johnston November 16, 2006
A lady (of sorts) that has had such a high intake of spunk that it no longer fits in her mouth and thus dribbles down her chin in a beard like fashion.
"Stop cumming in my mouth or i'll end up with a spunk beard"
by Paul Johnston August 14, 2006
1) A burberry wearing caravan dweller.

2) A gypsy or travaller which acts in a chav like manner
(man 1) Look at that pikey over there wearing a burberry cap generally being a waste of space.

(man 2) Still he won't be here long he's a chavaller
by Paul Johnston October 29, 2006
Someone who pokes, through facebook, with unforgiving regularity.
Oh for fucks sake that poxy MIKE WILLIAMS has poked (Williamsed) me again the shameless pokemeister.

I daren't click the home tab on facebook for fear i may have been Williamsed.
by Paul Johnston November 10, 2007

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