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two(2) or more commercials from multiple manufacturers sharing the same television screen simutaniously!
Fnord, Yike, Popsi, and Allmart commercial were all viewed at the same time while only one soundtrack played!
by Paul J Parkinson March 21, 2005
a bud buster is actually a coffee grinder, but put to good use. Grab some marijauna, chuck it in the grinder, give it some power, and voila, freshly ground buds(easy for rolling). I bet Proctor & Gamble would never have thought their coffee grinder would be used for busting buds(hence the term)!
Grab the bud buster and roll a fatty.
by Paul J Parkinson June 13, 2005
someone who is oblivious to the fact that they have done something wrong and don't show any signs of remorse. a person who completely lacks ID!
after leaving his girlfrend stranded for hours while he spent her money and had sex with someone else, upon his arrival, she called him a stupiot!
by Paul J Parkinson March 22, 2005
any person who is slightly crazy and may just snap and lose it.
Eve was such a loosenut, Adam feared for his life.
by Paul J Parkinson March 25, 2005
to descride a mans excessively hairy back!
gross! how could you sleep with that guy, he's got carpetback.
by Paul J Parkinson March 24, 2005
subculture slang for ingesting LSD
I've got some white clinical blotter! do you wanna jack the tab?
by Paul J Parkinson March 24, 2005
a jovial way of saying Bartender! Done in a manner of how a drunk may say it! How a drunk says Bartender!
customer; Hey Tarbender, I'll have another!
bartender; Sure, but don't get too punk in drublic!
by Paul J Parkinson August 21, 2005

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