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dope underground rapper, occasionally touches on political subjects that most rappers would be too scared to.
"immortal technique is heavy"
by Paul J December 20, 2003
The best producer in hiphop history
"Primo is dope, dontcha think?"
by Paul J December 19, 2003
dope rapper, seriously underrated
"Now cats rap about packing a nine
When they lacking divine
Running out of topics of conversation"
by Paul J December 19, 2003
basically a way of identifying a shit rapper. all rappers with names containing "lil'" automatically suck monkey testes. often dirty south soundin crap.

should avoid their music at all costs.
"do you like lil' bow wow, lil romeo, lil kim, lil wayne, lil flip, lil jon?"

"no i dont, they all suck monkey testes, give me Immotal Technique anyday"
by Paul J December 20, 2003
best female rapper out there, who shits on foxy and lil kim. well underrated, quite unknown to most people.
"jean grae iz dope"
"whos that?"
"hmmmm, just what i expected"
by Paul J December 20, 2003
the name of a street in england.
the people who live there get the piss taken out of them on a daily basis.
"hey mate, where do u live?"
"butthole road"
"unlucky mate"
by paul j December 20, 2003
dick riding, suckin up to your manager at work, got ur head up thier ass. named as it is because if u have ur head up their ass, ur nose will be brown because of the poo from the bum
that stupid twat is brownnosing! stupid brownnosing twat!
by Paul J September 29, 2003
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