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A bean that is coated in tomato sauce. Only found once a month, and best avoided. An acquired taste.
It was only baked bean on the menu, but he tucked in anyway.
#clitoris #bean #chickpea #rag week #painters in
by Paul Hopwood October 14, 2006
1. A mould for Jelly (n.)

2. The yellowing, crusty stain found on the front of a pair of pants that have been left in the washing some time after having been defiled by gentleman juice.
Bridget Jones's sensible pants were the only ones left untainted by jelly mould.
#spluff crust #gentleman's relish #spunk #jelly jewellery #spluff
by Paul Hopwood October 05, 2006
1. A pulse, often used in Indian cookery.

2. The female pleasure centre. The holy grail. The clitoris.
She lay there, idly flicking her chickpea.
#flicking the bean #baked bean #clitoris #frottage #lady button
by Paul Hopwood October 14, 2006
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