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Burzum (Meaning "darkness" in Tolkien's Lord Of The Ring's Mordor speech)is Varg Vikernes' personal music project. Burzum was originated in Bergen, Norway, emplacement for the main Black Metal scene. Yet, Burzum cannot be cataloged as Black Metal.

Even though Varg Vikernes had played in several bands before (Some projects that included Kalashnikov, Uruk-Hai and Old Funeral); Burzum is Vargs real expression. He played for a short period of time bass in the known Black Metal band Mayhem and contributed lyrics for Dakthrone; thus, he was associated with the Black Metal scene. In the beginning, Burzum's only member used the alias of Count Grishnackh

Burzum contains some elements of Black Metal, but cant be put into such genre (Even Varg rejects his musical connection to Black Metal).

Burzum had never been oriented to Satanism or Neo-Nazi ideologies on it's own; it was Varg's persona what drove people to this conclussion, but indeed, there's nothing neonazi or satanic in Burzum.

Varg is known from havnig been part of the 'Inner Circle' of the Black Metal scene. Being introduced by Abbath from legendary band Immortal (who neither supports satanism, but instead talks about an imaginary realm called Blashyrkh). The Inner Circle' members were involved in the burning of several churches and other boycotting of catholic religion in Norway. In this inner circle, members from Emperor, Mayhem, Immortal, Darkthrone and many others were associated.

Burzum mixes pagan ideology and some form of bizarre poetry to the music. It contains many atmospheric passages and tells Norway's true past, where Pagan religion was a way of enlightening.

Burzum contains a discography of
Demo I Demo, 1991
Demo II Demo, 1992
Burzum --Demo--, 1992
Burzum --Full-length--, 1992
Aske EP, 1993
Det Som Engang Var --Full-length--, 1993
Hvis Lyset Tar Oss --Full-length--, 1994
Burzum/Aske --Best of/Compilation--, 1995
Dunkelheit --Video/VHS--, 1996
Filosofem --Full-length--, 1996
Dauði Baldrs --Full-length--, 1997
1992-1997 --Boxed set--, 1998
Hliðskjálf --Full-length--, 1999

Burzum's latter 2 Full Lenght albums are composed of mainly atmospheric music. It parts from the beginning metal style due to Varg's imprisonment for Euronymous' murder (Euronymous was one of the leaders of the Inner Circle; he played Guitar in Mayhem and was also the leader of that band).

www.Burzum.org is a site where Varg has published several articles that he's written. In this site you can also find Vikernes' personnal opinions about the Black Metal scene and the truth about Euronymous' murder, etc.
Burzum today is a known act throughout the world, being part of many allusions in other bands (Such as Nargaroth's 'The Day When Burzum Killed Mayhem' song in the album 'Black Metal Ist Krieg'. Due to the infamous beginnings of Black Metal, today is considered as as the utmost dark genre of music in existence.

The inner circle was involved in the burning of the Åsane Church in Bergen, Skjold Church in Vindafjord, Holmenkollen Chapel in Oslo and an attempt to burn the Storetveit Church in Bergen.
by Paul Henri April 15, 2006
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